We are dedicated to making lives better for the people and companies we service.

It all started in the 1980s.

The JE-CO Brand History

The JE-CO brand was founded over 40 years ago. With roots in drywall texture machines, construction delivery equipment and knuckle boom cranes, JE-CO quickly grew into a service provider for a variety of equipment and industries.

Over the years, diesel maintenance and repair became the primary revenue stream, with ancillary services in metal fabrication (trailer flatbeds, pup trailers, and racks).

The JE-CO brand's mission is to build a business based in genuine customer service, honesty, and quality.

Family-Owned & Operated.
Times 2.

Mike Shwartz and Austin White own and operate the JE-CO brand alongside their partners, Heather White and Brittany Baisley.

After spending their college years together, Heather and Brittany's friendship evolved into entrepreneurial partnership. After years of searching for the right business, the 4 owners now lead the company with values focused in integrity and unmatched customer service.