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Diesel Engine Diagnostics & Electrical Service at JE-CO Truck & Trailer

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Diagnostics and Electrical Service

At JE-CO Truck & Trailer, we specialize in finding solutions for complex, hard-to-diagnose problems. Your vehicle has several systems to alert you to issues, but there are a few warning signs that you should look for, and if found, address immediately:

  • Your engine fails to start.
  • Your battery is damaged, bloated, or dies.
  • Your headlights or brake lights are dull or dim.
  • You notice the smell of burnt plastic or wiring.
  • You see cracked, worn, or discoloured wiring.

Diagnosing and fixing electrical issues can be tricky, but our engine diagnostics experts recognize that it is vital to diagnose and repair electrical problems quickly and efficiently. We are committed to saving you time and money and understand that every day your truck is not available, you are not benefiting from the revenue generated by your vehicle.

Check Engine Light Issues

One of the first signs of an issue with your truck is typically a check engine light. The cause of a check engine light can be something as simple as a loose or faulty gas cap or a more severe issue such as a bad catalytic converter. While the check engine light may come on for various reasons, it is an indication that your vehicle has a problem that needs immediate attention.

Whatever the cause, it's best not to take the chance of causing significant damage. Our technicians have the training, skill, and advanced equipment to determine the problem quickly. Our team has seen, diagnosed, and repaired just about anything that can go wrong with any type of truck engine.

Additionally, we have the necessary software to adjust parameters in all engines. If you have an engine light on, or your truck just doesn't seem to be running the way it should, let us conduct a diagnostic test to determine the problem. Diagnostics can reveal issues in your truck's engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other major components, and our mechanics can also improve the performance of your truck.

Customer Reviews

Eric Van Deusen

This is how a repair shop should be. Do what is needed in a professional and timely manner. Very knowledgeable and friendly folks. Thank you for getting me back on the road.

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Great job! I was desperate removing 65 mph speed limit from my Sprinter 2500. I checked major dealerships and mechanic shops all over the country, non of them couldn’t do it. I was already losing hope. This guys rocks. Well done! Thank you!

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Eric Darnall

Had apu issues and these guys took great care of me on very short notice!!!! On a Friday everyone else in Denver was not til Tuesday!!!!

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Jordan Alexander

Brought in my dump trailer that was leaking fluid and not lifting and they fixed it up with a 24 hour turnaround. Customer service was also very helpful 5 stars all around

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Burke Petit

These guys were great! They are open 7 days/week, which is why I found them. They diagnosed and rebuilt the power divider on my 2000 Pete. G and the staff were excellent with their communication. They will be my first call if I ever need work done in the Denver area. Thanks Jeco!

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Matthew Frost

They know what they're doing. Tater rules! all techs should bow down. He also owns the greatest tool box ever its the size a whole house and he takes great care of it. He has all the right tools to get any job done He Cleans it and makes sure it's polished. make sure to ask him about it ;)

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