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Isuzu Truck Repair and Maintenance

As one of the only heavy-duty manufacturers based out of Japan, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Isuzu trucks can be difficult to work on for some shops. Whether it be part availability problems or differing approaches to maintenance, Isuzu drivers may have had difficulty getting their trucks serviced at one point or another. Fortunately for anyone having these problems, you can rest assured knowing JE-CO Equipment does work on Isuzu trucks. Not only are our technicians very familiar with Isuzu’s manufacturer methodologies, but they’re also very good at locating the right parts! We have fantastic suppliers that never let us down. Want to hear more? Call us today. 

Common Isuzu Maintenance and Repair Needs


One of the most common issues on Isuzu trucks is their coolant systems. Drivers have reported that Isuzu trucks may overheat even when not overloaded or overperforming. This issue is generally due to poor coolant system maintenance or damage to one or more vital coolant system components. Whether it be a busted radiator fan or a damaged water pump, you can rest assured knowing JE-CO Equipment has your back. 

Ignition Issues

Another common issue with Isuzu trucks is their ignition system. Many drivers report that they’ve had trouble starting their trucks in colder weather. This is generally caused by a bad battery, alternator, or starter motor. 

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Customer Reviews

Eric Van Deusen

This is how a repair shop should be. Do what is needed in a professional and timely manner. Very knowledgeable and friendly folks. Thank you for getting me back on the road.

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Great job! I was desperate removing 65 mph speed limit from my Sprinter 2500. I checked major dealerships and mechanic shops all over the country, non of them couldn’t do it. I was already losing hope. This guys rocks. Well done! Thank you!

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Eric Darnall

Had apu issues and these guys took great care of me on very short notice!!!! On a Friday everyone else in Denver was not til Tuesday!!!!

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Jordan Alexander

Brought in my dump trailer that was leaking fluid and not lifting and they fixed it up with a 24 hour turnaround. Customer service was also very helpful 5 stars all around

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Burke Petit

These guys were great! They are open 7 days/week, which is why I found them. They diagnosed and rebuilt the power divider on my 2000 Pete. G and the staff were excellent with their communication. They will be my first call if I ever need work done in the Denver area. Thanks Jeco!

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Matthew Frost

They know what they're doing. Tater rules! all techs should bow down. He also owns the greatest tool box ever its the size a whole house and he takes great care of it. He has all the right tools to get any job done He Cleans it and makes sure it's polished. make sure to ask him about it ;)

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